Leak detection is imperative to protect sensitive electrical devices and prevent damage to buildings. Our AquaALERT® Water Detection Systems come in two types, Distance Location and Zone Leak Detection. These are designed for water leak detection in any place water intrusion must be identified immediately.

Our Distance System, called the DL series, is an intelligent system can can tell you exactly how far down your cable the leak is located. Prefect for long stretches of piping or HVAC ducts. This allows for rapid location of the leak where it may not be immediately apparent. Please see below for more information on our DL system.

Our Zone Leak Systems, the LW and WD series, breaks up your space into zones for easy leak detection. This approach is perfect for small rooms, like pump houses and servers rooms, or large rooms where water leak detection is only needed in few areas. Please see below for more information on our LW and WD systems.

AquaALERT® by Light Engineered Displays also offers a variety of other water leak and liquid level management solutions.

For liquid level maintenance we offer both Liquid Level Tether Switches and Liquid Level Float Switches. Our Tether Switch is designed to keep your liquids between certain levels. These can be either mounted to the side of the tank or a pole in the center of the tank. Perfect for setting an activation level and shut off level. If you just need to set a cut off level or drain level use our Liquid Level Float Switch P6200. All of our switches are encased in solid foam and will work reliably even magnetic liquids!  See below for more details.

Our other Water Leak detection system on offer is the AquaALERT® Spot Detector. Our line of spot detectors are great for simple or limited water leak applications. Perfect for detecting spills or overflow around tanks! See below for more details.

Model DL-2

Distance Locating System

The AquaALERT® Distance locating system combines linear leak detection cable with micro-processor control and graphic annunciation to provide the ultimate in water leak detection. A digital display identifies the alarm and indicates its location by footage measurement. This system utilizes our Distance Locating Cable, or DLC.

The DLC water leak detection cable is very strong and can be pulled into place with-out the risk of damage. The high visibility orange color makes it easy to locate in any environment. The special insulation allows the cable to produce accurate distance readings, regardless of conductivity of the fluid.

Spot Leak Detectors

Spot leak detection machine

The AquaALERT spot type Water Detector, the WD-SD, is specifically designed for water leak detection and water level monitoring. We use a small current to detect where conductive fluids may be escaping. It helps ensure safety and security of people and equipment near sub-floors and pipes.

DLC Series Wire

DLC Series Wire
Sold Separately in 100', 50', and 25' rolls. For use with Distance Locating Systems.
Zone Water Leak Detection Model LW-4

Zone Leak Detection Systems

LW Series

The LW series is our premium in zone leak detection systems. By combining a custom graphic layout of your facility with zone water leak detection, this allows for the rapid locating of the leak in large buildings or facilities. The LW series is a proven system that will signal you of abnormal conditions and provide you with its geographical location using distance location. The system is designed to work with AquaALERT® WDC-100 cable.

WD Series

For smaller facilities the WD series is a great choice for water leak detection.  Combining our WDC-100 cable and a simple display, the WD series indicates what zone is in alarm or trouble state.  This is perfect for water leak detection in concealed areas or any place water intrusion must be identified immediately. This system is designed to work with AquaALERT® WDC-100 cable.

WDC Series Wire

Water Leak Detection Cable
Sold Separately in 100' rolls. Available in White and High Visibility Yellow. For use in WD and LW series systems.

Liquid Level Detection Tether switch

These systems are meant to keep a tank to a desired level of liquid. The liquid level detectors are mounted at the minimum and maximum ranges of the tank so pumps will start and stop according to the water level. They are built from durable solid foam allowing these to be used in a variety of liquids, even ones with magnetic liquids. Great for lift stations, sumps, and sewage pumps.

Humidity and Temperature Controller

Temperature & Humidity Systems

When you have an unmanned facility, it is critical that your HVAC system is working properly. The AquaAlert® Humidity and Temperature sensors can be set to turn on or off depending on the detected temperature and/or humidity. You can monitor these sensors with your facility alarm system, so that in case of system failure you will be alerted immediately.

Liquid Level Float Switch-P6200

Our liquid level detection float switches, P6200, are used for the maintenance of fluid levels in a tank. This switch can be installed to activate pumps or drains depending on the desired action. The float is made of solid foam to ensure proper flotation, every time. The P6200 can be monitored by your alarm equipment, or by our AquaALERT® WD-1 or WD-4 control panel.