Distance Water Leak Detection – The DL Series by AquaAlert®

Distance Water Leak Detection

General Description

The AquaALERT Distance Water Leak Detection System combines linear leak detection cable with micro-processor control and graphic annunciation to provide the ultimate in distance water leak detection. A digital display identifies the alarm and indicates its location by footage measurement. An integral Graphic Map correlates to the measurement for fast, accurate response by facilities personnel. System Alarm and Trouble contacts are provided for connection to remote monitoring equipment.

Additionally, our provided annunciator can be configured to display other facility alarms such as Heat or Temperature sensors, as well as signals from Fire Alarm and Security systems. The DL series can be your all in one system for environmental controls!


The DL-Series utilizes a special linear sensing cable, featuring two (2) insulated conductors with two supervisory return wires. This 1/4” diameter bundle is both tough and flexible. The special insulation, along with AquaALERT’s traditional AC supervision, prevents contamination by dirt and virtually eliminates damage from electrolysis.

When water contacts the cable anywhere along its length, an audible alarm will sound at the AquaALERT annunciator panel. The display will indicate, in feet, the distance to the location where water has contacted the cable. The audible alarm will activate and the system Alarm contacts will change state. The audible can be silenced but the alarm will continue to be displayed until the water is cleaned up and the annunciator is reset.

When the cable or associated wiring is damaged, or disconnected from the controller, the system will indicate a “Trouble” condition. An audible will sound to alert the operator. The audible can be silenced and the Trouble indication will remain until the problem is corrected.

Additional Models

  • DL-1NM Controller – No Map – 12” x 12” Box
  • DL-1 Controller with Map – 14” x 24” Box
  • DL-2 Controller with Map – 24” x 24” Box* *box has room for second controller
Distance Water Leak Detection Wiring Diagram