fireman running annunciator (1)

A properly designed and installed smoke control panel can help prevent smoke from getting into areas leading to exits or other designated safe zones in your building. After installation of one of our trusted smoke control panels, you can rest easy knowing that your building is safe.

HVAC Control Devices

The HVAC Emergency Disconnect Switch is used wherever codes require a manual means to shut off air handling fans during an emergency.  This product and other similar items  are available in our Online Shop!

FS Series: Fan Status and Control

The Fan Status and Control Annunciator, FS Series, is designed for use in high-rise buildings and other facilities that must have a means to manually control the fans or dampers designated for smoke removal during a fire emergency. The FS Series is designed to work in conjunction with fire alarm and smoke control systems to provide visual status and manual control capability for each smoke removal fan and associated dampers.

When the switches are in the “AUTO” position, the system fans will be monitored only. During a fire emergency, the fire alarm system will operate the fans as per the smoke removal system design. Should conditions warrant manual control, and at the command of the authority having jurisdiction, the annunciator can be used to provide specific control of each smoke removal fan.

TA-123PP Purge Panel Controller

Some areas within buildings require the use of specialized extinguishing agents, such as data centers. When these special extinguishing agents are released they take time to control the fire and should not be purged early.

When the extinguishing agent is discharged, the system’s control panel activates our Purge Panel Controller. This locks out manual purging until the preset agent soak time has expired. When the timer expires, the “Purge Ready” indicator is activated and the purge switch is enabled.