FS Series: Fan Status & Control

General Description

General Description

The Fan Status and Control Annunciator, the FS Series, is designed for use in high-rise buildings and other facilities that must have a means to manually control the fans or dampers designated for smoke removal during a fire emergency. The unit is designed to work in conjunction with fire alarm and control systems to provide visual status and manual control capability for each smoke removal fan.


When the switches are in the “AUTO” position, the system fans will be monitored only. During a fire emergency, the fire alarm system will operate the fans as per the smoke removal system design. Should conditions warrant manual control, and at the command of the authority having jurisdiction, the annunciator can be used to provide specific control of each smoke removal fan.


  • Non glare protective front
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra Bright Light Emitting Diodes Lamp Test – Standard
  • Per Point Diode Isolation on all inputs Intended for indoor / dry location

Engineering Specifications

The Fan Status and Control Annunciator shall contain all switches, indicators and circuit boards necessary for a complete and functional system. Switches and indicators shall be wired to numbered strips to facilitate installation. The annunciator shall be capable of interfacing with addressable fire alarm systems. Lamp Test shall be provided.

Switches shall be clearly labeled as to its function. All nomenclature shall be silk screened directly to the face plate. The assembly shall be protected by a non-glare acrylic cover, installed in a brushed aluminum frame, and mounted on a black enamel steel enclosure.

Indicators shall be light emitting diodes. Red will indicate “Fan Off”. Green will indicate “Fan On”. Indicators shall be field-replaceable without requiring product disassembly or soldering. Components and wiring shall be accessible from behind a hinged, key-locked cover. Panel can interface with the FACP or Building Control’s I/O modules.

The Fan Status and Control Annunciator shall be manufactured by Light Engineered Displays, Inc., or approved equal.

Order of Operations

Normal operation is with the panel switches in the “AUTO” position. When the switch is placed in the “ON” position, the appropriate fan-start relay will be energized. The relay contact will activate the fan. An auxiliary contact will send a signal back to the annunciator as positive indication that the function occurred. When the switch is placed in the “OFF” position, the corresponding fan-disconnect relay will be energized. The relay contact will interrupt the automatic fan-start signal from the fire control system.

The FSCS does not control the Smoke Evacuation fans directly. It is the FACP that provides the outputs that control the fans and lights the Status indicators. Connections from the FSCS to the FACP are through conduit, 20’ or less in length. The switches and the LED indicators in the FSCS are wired to UL Listed terminal blocks and from the terminal blocks directly to the Fire Control Product outputs.

System Diagram - Typical

Enclosure Options

For Semi-flush mounting, add 3” to overall “W” and “H” dimensions. Consult the factory regarding custom sizes, products, options or special requirements.