AquaAlert® Spot Leak Detector WD-SD

Spot leak detection machine

General Description

The AquaALERT spot type Water Detector, series WD-SD, is specifically designed for water leak detection and water level monitoring. A special low voltage circuit uses very little current to detect the presence of conductive fluids. Typical installations include computer room subfloor areas, telephone equipment rooms, basements, bath- room units, and areas adjacent to water tanks or piping.


A WD Series detector is available for use with either 12 vdc or 24 vdc circuits. The detector has a Form C contact and is intended to be monitored by a remote alarm panel, or a graphic annunciator panel. The sensing probe consists of two conductors woven within a polyester cable. Several drops of water, soaking into the cable, is all that is needed to operate the detector. Once operated, the Form C contact will change state to activate the remote alarm panel. After the probe has dried-out, the contact will return to normal. Con- tact is rated for one amp, at 120 vac.



  • Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Probe current (Max): .8 ma
  • Total Current Draw (Max): 40 ma
  • Relay Rating: 1 amp


  • Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Probe Current (Max): 2 ma
  • Total current Draw (Max): 28 ma
  • Relay Rating: 1 amp

*NOTE: No current draw until water is detected. 12/24 VAC and audible models are available.

Installation and Testing

Place the detector in the area where water leak is anticipated. Remove the top for access to the terminal strip located inside unit. Connect to alarm panel or annunciator as per the diagram shown on the reverse side. When connections have been made, test the unit by using a jumper to simulate water reaching the probe. After proper operation is verified, replace top and secure with screws provided. If placement is to be permanent, secure the detector to the floor with silicon adhesive. Fasten the probe to the floor using the self-stick cable clamps provided. Unit is designed for cable entry. When conduit is required, set a J-box adjacent to the detector and connect with a short length of cable. Wiring must conform to local codes.


We will repair or replace any defective unit within one year of purchase except in cases of abuse, misuse or incorrect wiring.

There are no warranties which extend beyond the use of this product. There is no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall AquaALERT of Light Engineered Displays, Inc. be liable to the purchaser or any other party for consequential or incidental damages.

AquaALERT Water Sensing Products, Division of Light Engineered Displays, Inc.

Wiring Diagram

Water Detection Wiring Diagram