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We offer a wide selection of graphic annunciator panels for different functions. Panels can come with either white artwork on dark plexiglass, or colored artwork on white plexiglass. All panels are UL Listed, consume low power, are easily expandable and use diode-isolated inputs.

See below for more information on all of our systems.

LD Series: Graphic Annunciator

The product that got Light Engineered Displays started over 30 years ago! These are used in Fire Alarm Systems as a way of displaying what type of fire alarm was triggered and where.  This aids both fire fighters and maintenance crews locate the problem quickly.

Our Graphic Annunciators are housed in brushed aluminum frames and have key locks to prevent unauthorized access. These annunciators are highly customized to each customers needs and requirements. Our systems can operate with a wide variety of Fire Alarm Control Panels, to include Siemens, Honeywell, Tyco, SimplexGrinnell, and many more!

SS Series: Security Annunciator

The SS Series, provides a means to monitor security devices and pinpoint the location of any alarm. These are primarily used to keep track of entrances, exits and secured areas.

The SS Series is similar in construction to the LD Series in construction. A floor plan of the protected area will be shown on the front of the unit and the location of security devices will be shown and assigned an LED.

WT Series: Weather Tight Annunciators

The WT Series annunciator is designed for outdoor use and in locations where protection from water and temperature extremes are needed. The annunciator is housed in a rugged #16 gauge steel enclosure and door, dip primed and finished in a Taupe Powder Coat Enamel. Gasket lines the inside lip as an extra layer of protection from water intrusion.

Directory Annunciator

LD Series

The directory comes standard with white artwork on a dark (smoked) background. The system is modular and can easily be changed. Optional features include the following: Front lighting, Incandescant Lamps, Custom Grids and Custom Colors.

DA – Series

The DA-Series annunciators are available in 5, 10, 20, 25 and 30 zone models. They use high-brightness LEDs and are available with optional audible alarm sonalert and silence switches. Small and cost efficient!