SS Series: Security Annunciator

General Description

The Security Status Annunciator, SS Series, provides a means to monitor security devices and pinpoint the location. This allows the operator to keep track of entrances, exits and secured areas.

The SS Series is similar to the Standard Annunciator in construction. A Floor Plan of the protected area will be shown on the front of the unit. Each monitored device will be shown on the Floor Plan, along with its corre- sponding Alarm indicator.

The unit includes Lamp Test function, Audible Alarm, Auxillary Contact, and Reset Switch. Input Power Requirements are 120 VAC that is converted to 12 VDC for stand alone systems, or the annunciator can be powered from the security panel.

Custom switches can be provided at the customer’s request. These may be used to operate door strikes, alarm device bypass, or any other required function. These switches, including the system switches, may be key-operated as an option.


  • Non glare protective front
  • Hinged, Key Lockable Door
  • Low power consumption
  • Bright, long-lasting LED indicators
  • Lamp Test – Standard
  • Choice of Standard or Custom sizes
  • Plenty of room for wiring
  • Choice of easy to operate switches
  • Optional U.L. Listing
  • Monitor doors, windows, CCTV cameras, PIR and beam detectors


The unit is to be connected to normally open contacts. When a device is activated, the field contact will close and activate the appropriate indicator on the Status Panel.

The indicator will remain lit, even if the device resets. The sonalert will sound to alert the operator. This may be silenced by operating the switch marked “SILENCE.” Operation of the silence switch will not affect the indicators.

To clear the Display, operate the switch marked “RESET.” When the unit is reset, the sonalert will resound to remind the operator to return the Silence Switch to its “Normal” position.

A visual indication of the CCTV camera is on and its physical location can also be displayed to assist the operator in security operations.

Architect / Engineer Specification

The contractor shall furnish, where indicated on the plans, a Security Status Annunciator Panel.

Standard features shall include but not be limited to: Built-In Voltage Regulation, Reverse Polarity Protection, Per Point Diode Isolation and a Lamp Test Switch. Additionally, the unit shall be capable of lighting all its indicators simultaneously.

The Annunciator shall be (Back-lit, Front-lit). Unit shall be (Semi-flushed mounted, Surface mounted). Assembly shall be of “Dead-Front” construction, with no exposed screws or hinge. Artwork and indicators to be protected by a sheet of Non-glare Plexiglass, finished with a brushed Aluminum frame.

Annunciator shall be able to operate from a nominal 12 Volts D.C. supplied by the Main Security Panel. Unit will utilize the Security Panel’s standby batteries during loss of normal power.

Upon activation of any Alarm initiating device, the annunciator shall geographically display the location of the device in alarm. The annunciator will lock-in the device in alarm. When the device is reset, the annunciator “RESET” switch must be operated to return it to its normal condition.

The Annunciator shall be manufactured by Light Engineered Displays, Inc., or approved equal.

Ordering Information

A drawing is required showing the actual graphic representation needed for your project. The exact location of the indicator points should be shown and identified by a legend. Mark the Annunciator location on the plans so that the artwork can be oriented properly with a “You Are Here” designation.

Graphic sizes are shown below, according to model number. The maximum area available for artwork is the outside dimension, less two inches. We will work from your blueline, copy, fax, sketch, email or CAD file. Please note: a full size, inked mylar, from your CAD drawing, will speed production.

For Semi-flush mounting, add 3” to overall “W” and “H” dimensions. Consult the factory regarding custom sizes, products, options or special requirements.