WT Series: Weather Tight Annunciator

General Description

The WT Series annunciator is designed for outdoor use and in locations where protection from water and temperature extremes are needed.

The annunciator is housed in a rugged #16 gauge steel enclosure and door, dip primed and finished in a Taupe Powder Coat Enamel. The door is attached with a vandal resistant, hidden hinge with a key locked cover to prevent unauthorized access. The door has a continuous 1/2” close-cell neoprene gasket and the annunciator window opening uses the Scotch VHB joining system sealing gasket to seal the annunciator window opening.

The internals of the WT Series is identical to the LD series so the system is modular and can easily be changed or expanded.


  • UL Listed
  • Enclosure constructed to NEMA 4 standards
  • Non-glare protective front
  • Low power consumption
  • Ultra Bright Light Emitting Diodes – Front-lit
  • Lamp Test – Standard (located inside panel)
  • Intended for outdoor location

Technical Specifications

  • Standby Voltage: Min. 18 Vdc to 36 Vdc (Nominal: 24Vdc)
  • Standby Current: Typical Range 0 -15 ma
  • Alarm Current: Current is increased Approx. 15 ma for each Activated LED max input @ 3 Amps
  • Indicators: Super Bright LED’s – Red, Amber and Green
  • Activating Voltage: Positive or Negative as specified by the customer
  • Operating Temperature: 32-100F (0-38C)

Architect / Engineer Specification

The contractor shall furnish, where indicated on the plans, a Weathertight (Graphic or Directory) Annunciator Panel.

Standard features shall include but not be limited to: Built-In Voltage Regulation, Reverse Polarity Protection, Per Point Diode Isolation and a Lamp Test Switch. Additionally, the unit shall be capable of lighting all its indicators simultaneously.

The WT series shall be Surface Mounted. Assembly shall be of “Dead-Front” construction, with no exposed screws or hinge. Artwork and indicators to be protected by a sheet of Non-glare Plexiglass, finished in a taupe, weathertight enclosure.

Annunciator shall be able to operate from a nominal 24 Volts D.C. supplied by the Main Fire Alarm Panel. Unit will utilize the Fire Alarm Panel’s standby batteries during loss of normal power.

Upon activation of any Alarm initiating device, the annunciator shall display the location of the device in alarm or zone in alarm.

The Annunciator shall be manufactured by Light Engineered Displays, Inc., or approved equal.

Installation Notes

  1. Do NOT penetrate the top of the enclosure
  2. Conduit entry is through sides and bottom only.
  3. If mounting holes are drilled through the back of the box, then the rubber washers or grommets must be used to seal out water.
  4. Enclosure is designed for surface or pedestal mount. Under no conditions should the box be recessed more than 3” deep.

Ordering Information

A drawing is required showing the actual graphic representation needed for your project. The exact location of the indicator points should be shown and identified by a legend. Mark the Annunciator location on the plans so that the artwork can be oriented properly (with a “You Are Here” designation). If unit is directory style, provide nomenclature required per zone.

Annunciator sizes are shown below, according to model number. The maximum area available for artwork is the outside dimension, less four inches. We will work from your blueline, copy, fax, sketch, E-mail or CAD file. Please note: your digital CAD drawing, or a full size, inked mylar generated from the file, will speed production.

Please complete the annunciator Order Form and send with drawing. If Order Form is not available, indicate how annunciator will be activated and list any specifications required.

Consult the factory regarding custom sizes, products, options or special requirements.