AquaAlert® Zone Leak Detection – WD Series



General Description

These AquaALERT systems listed below, the models WD-1 and WD-4, are specifically designed for water leak detection in concealed areas or any place water intrusion must be identified immediately so that corrective action can be taken.  Since these areas can be small or spread out the WD series uses Zone Leak detection.

Applications would include Electrical or Telephone Equipment rooms, Computer Room subfloors, or any sensitive area that is not normally occupied. Additionally, this system can be used to detect leaks along fluid piping lines both overhead and sub-floor.

The WD-1 and WD-4 units are housed in a metal back box, with a key-lockable plexiglass door. All indicators and switches are visible from the front of the unit.

The system is designed to work with AquaALERT water detection cable, model WDC-100. Low voltage A.C. is used to supervise the detection loop. This eliminates Electrolysis of the sensing wires woven within the detection cable, a common problem with other systems.

Basic Operation

The WD Series Water Detection System contains one or four fully supervised detection zone(s). The circuit must be terminated at the end of the line with a 15K Ohm, 1.2 Watt resistor.

Normal (standby) operation is indicated by a green “Power On” LED.

An Alarm condition occurs when water comes in contact with the Water Detection cable. A Trouble condition occurs when the wiring to the sensor, or the wires within the cable, are broken.

When an Alarm condition occurs, the Red LED will light, the Sonalert will sound, and the Aux. relay contact will close. The Sonalert can be silenced by operating the momentary Acknowledge switch. The Red LED will remain lit until the Alarm condition is corrected. At that time, the LED will reset itself. The sequence is the same for a Trouble condition, except a Yellow LED will be illuminated. Multiple Zone Units have subsequent alarm features.


  • Power Input
    115 VAC, 60 HZ .5 AMP.
  • Operating Voltage
    12 VDC, Internal 12 VAC 54 HZ Detection Loop
  • Battery Backup
    12 VDC, 1.2 amp/hr battery with automatic charger
  • Indicators
    LED Type, for Alarm, Trouble, and Power On status
  • Outputs
    Sonalert and Form-C contacts

Architect/Engineer Specification

The Contractor shall furnish, where indicated on the plans, a Water Leak Detection System. The standard features shall include but not be limited to the following:

1. The system shall utilize linear water leak detection cable.

2. The system shall utilize limited power, low voltage A.C. for the detection circuits to protect the leak detection cable from damage by electrolysis.

3. The system shall supervise the wiring and the water sensing conductors embedded in the leak detection cable. Any break in the wiring shall cause a System Trouble indication at the leak detection control panel.


4. The system shall also include both Alarm and Trouble indications for each input zone as was as a common audible alarm and auxiliary form-C contacts for connection to external monitoring systems.

5. System inputs shall have adjustable sensitivity to allow for proper operation over a broad range of ambient field conditions.

6. The control panel shall operate from 115 V.A.C. and shall include automatic battery backup using a 12v gel – cell battery. The panel assembly is housed in a steel enclosure with hinged door and cam lock to prevent unauthorized access.

7. The system shall be Model WD-1 / -4 -8 -16 (specify) as manufactured by AquaALERT, a division of LED Incorporated.

Circuit Board & Enclosure Details

Circuit Board Enclosure Diagram
Water Leak WD Model