Visual Mass Notification Systems (MNS) are becoming big!

These systems are typically installed on military bases and public institutions, like colleges and schools, as well as industrial applications. They are designed to simulate the audible alarm message(s) being heard on a Voice Evacuation System during an emergency. While primarily for the hearing impaired, these signs are also used in areas of high ambient volume, like stadiums and factories where audible alarm messages can be overpowered by noise.

Light Engineered Displays has been providing Visual MNS Centers since 2005. Over the years we’ve continued to add to our product line and have great expertise in Visual MNS. In addition to our standard interior signs, we also offer NEMA 12 & NEMA 4 versions. We even offer signs large enough for stadium-sized, weather-tight, exterior applications.

Please visit our Visual Mass Notification page for more information on our Visual Mass Notification systems. For ordering please contact Light Engineered Displays. We are happy to be of service!