Government Bidding and Light Engineered Displays

Government Specifications Overview Participating in Governmental Bidding for projects is a very complicated task. There are many requirements that need to observed and included in your bids.  A great reference for some of these requirements is the Whole Building Design Guide. This is the one and only location that the US Government will upload various […]

Hurricane Florence

Light Engineered Displays would like to inform all our customers that we will be shutting down on 9/12/18 due to Hurricane Florence. We are unsure when we will be back online, as this will be highly dependent on damage the area suffers.  Light Engineered Displays would like to thank all our customers for bearing with […]

Color Graphics For Alarm Annunciators!

In addition to our standard alarm annunciators, LED also offers models with full color graphics. Color coding is great for labeling and easy identification. Our full color variants are made on white plastics to really make those colors stand out! These are available in all of our standard sizes from LD-00 to LD-4. Visit our […]

Updated Product Listings Information

  Our FAQ section and our PDF Library have been updated with current UL & CSFM Listing sheets. Whenever you have questions or need Listing sheets for Graphic Alarm Panels, Fire Fighter Smoke Control Panels, Visual Mass Notification systems, Water Leak detection systems – they are current and available for download at any time.  

AquaAlert® Spot-leak Float Detector

Our spot leak detector can be used to detect fluids leaking into a containment area. Once the leaking fluid level reaches a 1/2″ in depth, the float activates the contacts. These contacts are used to activate your alarm system. The hermetically sealed, magnetically operated contacts make this product ideal for use in diesel fuel containment […]


Visual Mass Notification Systems (MNS) are becoming big! These systems are typically installed on military bases and public institutions, like colleges and schools, as well as industrial applications. They are designed to simulate the audible alarm message(s) being heard on a Voice Evacuation System during an emergency. While primarily for the hearing impaired, these signs […]