System Abort Station qty-5


$52 ea / 5 for $260

Made from stainless steel, the Light Engineered Displays System Abort Station is a sturdy choice for your abort station needs.                 The text is silk screened onto the plate with high visibility red enamel and comes ready with an abort button for easy install.

*Custom wording and additional contact blocks are available. Please contact Light Engineered Displays for specific needs and quantities.

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The AS-1 Abort Station is made to delay the discharge of gaseous fire suppression systems when the momentary Mushroom button is pressed.
The AS-1 consists of a red mushroom button on a metal single gang switch plate. The wording “SYSTEM ABORT” is silk-screened in red enamel ink. The standard button includes a SPST N.O contact. Additional contact blocks can be added. Added contacts may be N.O. or N.C. (Pack of 5)