Directory Annunciator – DA Series

General Description


The DA-Series annunciators are available in five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five and thirty zone models. The annunciators can be configured with a red LED or a red and yellow LED per window. The windows have pull-out tabs for easy field labeling.

The DA-Series annunciators use high-brightness LEDs and are available with an optional audible alarm sonalert and silence switch. The audible is activated by an internal diode buss and can be configured to sound upon alarm, trouble, or alarm and trouble inputs. The silence switch includes a ring-back feature to insure the switch is not left in the silence position.

The DA-Series Annunicators are designed to be mounted on an ordinary switchbox. There are five input zones per gang. One extra gang is required to accomodate the optional SonALERT and silence switch. NOTE: The alarm audible is not available on the 30 zone model. The annunciator has a bright red aluminum faceplate that mounts directly to the switch box. Units can be flush or surface mounted.

Optional gaskets are available for use in outdoor applications but is not weather proof.  Please install under overhang.

Technical Specifications

  • Standby Voltage: 12 or 24 vdc
  • Standby Current: 0 ma
  • Alarm Current: Increases approximately 20 ma per activated indicator
  • Indicators:  Super Bright LED’s “Non-Polarized”
    • Red for Alarm • Yellow for Trouble
  • Activating Voltage: Specify Positive or Negative 12 or 24 vdc
  • Operating Temperature:  32°-100°F (0°-38°C)
  • Intended for indoor / dry location


1) The annunciator operates at 12 to 24 vdc. One common connection, (specify com+ or com – ), is required per for all LEDs, plus a switch leg to activate each zone LED.

2) The Alarm inputs are A-1 through A-5 (shown wired) and are red LEDs. The Trouble LEDs are T-1 throughT-5 and feature yellow LEDs. (unit shown has a common positive and requires a minus to light each LED).

3) The DA-Series sonalert will self activate from an internal diode buss on the circuit board. The sonalert is features a momentary push button silence switch. When all alarms or troubles are cleared, the sonalert is ready to sound again.

DA Models & Options

Wiring Diagram