SP-2 Visual Mass Notification Systems

General Description

The SP-2/MNS features typical mass notification messages in an exit-sign style enclosure. The slim 2-1/2 deep box is made of steel, is painted white and is designed for surface mounting. The messages are printed in clear within a black box on clear film. The red and green colors are printed on another sheet behind the words. Both sheets slide into the enclosure and is secured by a removable side-access panel. The messages will remain hidden (black) until the light source is activated.

The active message is indicated by illuminating the words from behind using LED light bars of the required color. This low current, long-life light source provides years of dependable service. The SP-2/MNS typically operates at 24 vdc – 120 ma. – max.

The standard SP-2/MNS model features two messages: “ANNOUNCEMENT” and “EVACUATE” as shown above. The SP-4/MNS features four messages in any custom configuration.

If you need messages on a larger, more-customizable scale, please refer to the LEDArray and MegaDot MNS products.


1. The sign is designed for surface mounting. An optional ceiling mount bracket can be purchased for ceiling mount applications.

2. Conduit penetration may be on the top, the left side, the bottom or the back. If conduit is installed in the back, the top right corner is the preferred location. See diagram above. There are no provisions made for mounting directly to a switch box or 4” square box.

3. There are (4) mounting holes in the back of the sign box. Use pan-head wood screws with plastic anchors to attach box to sheet rock wall.


4. The sign is designed to be operated at 24vdc. The Red LED Light Bar requires 65ma when lit. The Green LED Light Bar requires 25ma when lit. There is NO current consumption in a de-activated state.

5. A pair of terminals are provided for each message. Wire from the terminals to 24vdc. Interrupt the (+) or (-) through a N.O. contact. Close the contact to activate the
associated message.

Note: Make sure to avoid the Light Bars when punching hole. Locate the conduit at Top or Rear near the left or right side.