LED Array

General Description

The LEDArray Series Indoor displays are LED message centers designed for light industrial, commercial and office use. When in non-emergency mode, they can display time and date, or any other message as desired.  During an emergency, they immediately display pre-programmed messages as needed.

LED displays can be networked together to form a powerful integrated visual Mass Notification System throughout your plant or business facility. For MNS use, multiple LEDarrays operate on a dedicated RS-485 data line, connected to our MNS-controller.  Messages are programmed by a USB connection from our controller to your laptop or desktop, using our intuitive software. Messages are selected for display by your dry contact closure.  Our basic controller will operate 30 LEDarrays on a single data line with up to 8 pre-programmed messages, plus a standby message, such as time and date.  Optional equipment can expand message capacity to a max 32 and total sign capacity to 120.

Standard signs display information in red. Optional models have an RGY display that will convey information in up to 8 colors.   These bright, sharp signs with our MNS controller comprise our most cost-effective visual Mass Notification System.

Please note: All LED message centers we offer are designed to use the same RS-485 data line,  MNS controller and programming software.  



Case Dimensions (With power supply): 28.9″L x 2.1″D x 4.5″H (73.4 cmL x 5.3 cmD x 11.4 cmH)
Approximate Weight: 6.25 lbs (2.13 kg.)
Display Dimensions: 27″L x 2.1″H (68.6 cmL x 5.3 cmH)
Display Array: 90 x 7 pixels
Characters Displayed in one-line (minimum): 15 characters
Display Memory: 7,000 characters


Pixel Size (Diameter): 0.2″ (.05 cm)
Pixel (LED)Color: Red
Center-to-Center Pixel
Spacing (Pitch): 0.3″ (0.8 cm)
Character Size: 2.1″ (4.3 cm)
Character Set: Block (sans serif), decorative (serif),
upper/lower case,, slim/wide
Memory Retention: One month typical
Message Capacity: 81 different messages can be stored and displayed
Message Operating
–25 consisting of: Automode, Hold,
Interlock, Roll (6 directions), Rotate, Sparkle-On,
Twinkle, Spray-on, Slide-Across, Switch, Wipe (6
directions), Starburst, Flash, Snow, Scroll
Condensed Rotate
–Continuous message entry with automatic
centering in any mode
–User programmable logos and graphics
– Five hold speeds
Built-in Animations: Cherry Bomb Exploding, Don’t Drink and Drive,
Fireworks, Slot Machine, No Smoking, Running
Animal, Moving Auto, Welcome and Thank You
Real-Time Clock: Date and time, 12 or 24 hour format,
maintains accurate time without power for
up to 30 days typical

Serial Computer Interface: RS232 and RS485 (multi-drop networking
for up to 255 displays)
Options:Ethernet LAN adapter
Power: Input: 5A, 35W, 7 VAC
120 VAC OR 230 VAC adapter available
Power Cord Length: 10 Ft. (3m)
Keyboard: Handheld, Eurostyle, IR remote operated
Case Material: Molded plastic
Limited Warranty: One-year parts and labor, factory servicing
Agency Approvals: – 120 VAC Model: Power supply has UL/CSA listing.
– 230 VAC Models: Complies with EN 60950:
1992 (Europe).
– FCC Part 15 Class A
– Marked
Operating Temperature: 32°to 120°F, 0°to 49°C
Humidity Range: 0% to 95% non-condensing
Mounting: Hardware to accommodate ceiling or wall mounting

Signs require 115 VAC input power for the plug-in transformer. Use an Exit Sign branch circuit for power. Power consumption @ 115 VAC: Approximately 113 ma in standby mode & Approximately 300 ma typical message.