General Description

The directory comes standard with white artwork on a dark (smoked) background. The LED indicators, one (or two) per window, are installed on a separate panel, located behind the artwork and are visible only when activated. This approach is called “backlighting.” Optional features include the following: Frontlighting, Incand- escant Lamps, Custom Grids and Custom Colors.

The unit is housed in a sturdy Brushed Aluminum frame and attached to its backbox with a vandal resistant “hidden” hinge. It has a keyed lock to prevent unauthorized access. Terminal strips (behind locked cover) facili- tate the wiring of Field Devices. Screw connectors are complete with captive wire protection and are automati- cally secured against loosening. Fire Alarm Panel driver modules can be mounted inside the annunciator panel.

The electronic components are permanently installed on circuit boards. Electrical connections from the circuit board(s) to the LED panel are made with Ribbon connectors. Normal system operation is indicated by the lighted Green LED (Power On). A Lamp Test switch is also provided. When activated, ALL system indicators should light as a demonstration that all internal circuits, wiring and LEDs are functioning properly.

The system is modular and can easily be changed.


  • Zone numbers or Custom messages
  • Field changeable nomenclature
  • Controls accessable from front
  • Choice of Standard sizes
  • Lamp Test – Standard
  • Plenty of room for wiring
  • Intended for indoor / dry location

Technical Specifications

        1. Standby Voltage
        Nominal 24 Vdc: Min. 18 Vdc to 36 Vdc
        2. Standby Current
        Typical Range 0 -15 ma
        3. Alarm Current
        Standby Current is increased Approx. 15 ma for each Activated LED max input @ 3 Amps
        4. Indicators
        Super Bright LED’s – Red, Amber and Green
        5. ActivatingVoltage
        Positive or Negative as specified
        6. Operating Temperature
        32-100F (0-38C)

Architect / Engineer Specification

The contractor shall furnish, where indicated on the plans, a U.L. Listed Directory Annunciator Panel.

Standard features shall include but not be limited to: Built-In Voltage Regulation, Reverse Polarity Protection, Per Point Diode Isolation and a Lamp Test Switch. Annunciator shall be able to operate from a nominal 24 Volts D.C. supplied by the Main Fire Alarm Panel. Unit will utilize the Fire Alarm Panel’s standby batteries during loss of normal power.

The Annunciator shall be (…Back-lit, Front-lit). Unit shall be (…Semi-flushed mounted, Surface mounted). Assembly shall be of “Dead-Front” construction, with no exposed screws or hinge. Artwork and indicators to be protected by a sheet of Non-glare Plexiglass, finished with a brushed Aluminum trim. Directory shall provide a means for field changes of nomenclature.

Upon activation of any Alarm signaling zone, the annunciator shall indicate the zone in alarm. A Sonalert shall provide an audible indication of a general system trouble condition. Operation of the silence switch will not extin- guish the alarm indicator. A ring back circuit shall be provided to remind the operator to return the silence switch to the normal position.

The Annunciator shall be manufactured by Light Engineered Displays, Inc., or approved equal.

Ordering Information

Directory sizes are shown below, according to model number. We will work from your blueline, copy, fax or sketch. Please note: a full size, inked mylar, from your CAD, will speed production. A window grid will be provided at your request. Standard units without special wording can often be shipped from stock.

Please complete the annunciator Order Form and send with drawing. If Order Form is not available, indicate how annunciator will be activated and list any specifications required.

For Semi-flush mounting, add 3” to overall “W” and “H” dimensions. Consult the factory regarding custom sizes, products, options or special requirements.