DG Series

General Description

The DG-Series annunciator can be a slave to your access control equipment, or can monitor door contacts directly. LED has circuit boards that will monitor N.O. or N.C. contacts and will latch or follow those contacts as desired. Included is subsequent audible alarm with a momentary silence switch.

Typical Operation

A door in violation is indicated by a red flashing LED and audible alarm tone. When acknowledged, the alarm is silenced and the LED is on steady until the door is secured. A new alarm will re-sound the audible and the corresponding alarm LED will be flashing. This system can be configured in many ways to satisfy your customer requirements.


This product looks like a typical fire alarm annunciator. However, instead of fire alarm devices, the doors are being monitored. A typical application is an Assisted Living facility. The doors are normally unlocked, but need to be monitored to prevent patients from wandering.

By using a timer circuit, a door in normal daily use can be configured to cause an alarm ONLY if the door has been propped open. (As for unauthorized smoke breaks)

The units can be customized to your specific needs with Disable switches, Day / Night Switches and many other options.

Typical circuit board mounted inside the annunciator

See Annunciator cut sheet for listing of all standard sizes.