In large buildings or high rises rapid notification of occupants is vital for saftey. NFPA 72, Chapter 24 sets the need for one way mass notification and our Visual Mass Notification System series is designed to get your messages across to a large amount of readers quickly and efficiently.

We offer a variety of systems to fit your needs. We have simple systems, such as the SP-2, or more powerful systems such as the LEDArray and MegaDOT. Designed to accept a variety of inputs you can relay emergency information the moment its needed. All signs can be easily programmed using software and a laptop connected to our MNS controller, and are connected to an RS-485 network.

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LED4000 Series

Our highly visible 4000 series displays are the most versatile solution to your messaging needs.  All models have color displays and can be programmed to display a single line of 4″ letters, or two lines of 2″ letters as needed.


The model LED4000UL/24v is made to UL 1638, NFPA 72, FCC Class A standards, making it the best solution for your Mass notification needs. These signs are full color capable! LED4000UL/24v also runs on 24VDC. This allows for easy battery backup installation.


The LED4080 sign is similar to the LED4000UL/24v but has some key differences.  This sign displays in red, green and yellow only.  Unlike the LED4000UL/24V, the LED4080 runs off of 110VAC. Being 110VAC powered makes installation a breeze, as you can simply plug these signs into almost any wall socket.  Lastly, the LED4080 sign is UL 1950 certified and has NEMA-1 or NEMA-12 enclosures available to fit your needs.


The MegaDot Display offers message clarity at up to 200 feet of distance, allowing you to visually connect with everyone in your facility. The MegaDot uses 4-inch tall characters with a RGY display to provide an emergency messaging system with impact. Alarm messages can be color-coded for priority. Our unique built-in louver system eliminates glare to insure your emergency message is seen, even under high ambient light conditions.


The LEDArray is our most cost-effective visual Mass Notification System. This sign displays messages in bright, 2″, red letters that are easy to read. Being powered by 120VAC allows for easy installation in almost any building.


LED’s model MNS-220C is a great economical choice for visual mass notification. We offer this line of signs with a variety of options, such as 110VAC or 24VDC power.  The 220cArray is capable of red, green, and yellow letters allowing for easy color coding of messages.

Street Smart Series

The Street Smart Series is specifically designed to provide highly visible outdoor messaging along any local city street, stadium or other large outdoor gathering areas while being fully weather-tight. When used with our MNS Controller it will broadcast your emergency messages, making this your safety messaging solution for any outdoor area. Brilliant red or amber LEDs with 256-shades/grayscaling will grab attention to your safety-related messages. When not displaying emergency information, the system can be programmed to display a standby message message.

SP-2 Visual Mass Notification

For situations that don’t require programmable messages, the SP-2 MNS can display typical mass notification messages in an exit-sign style enclosure. The slim 2-1/2 deep box is made of steel, is painted white and is designed for surface mounting. The wording is covered by a dark overlay so that the messages are only visible when lit. The SP-2 requires 24vdc to operate.