Door Status Panel

Door Status Panels are similar to an alarm annunciator panel. Instead of being tied into the fire alarm system, these panels are keeping tabs on which doors are open or closed.

A common use for these devices would be in an assisted living facility or a hospital, as they can be extremely helpful to keep people from wandering.

Light Engineered Displays offers two lines of products for door monitoring, the DG and DS series. Both are designed to work with your door contacts and can be customized to fit your needs.

Please see below for more information on these product lines.

DG Series

DG Graphic

This product looks like a typical fire alarm annunciator. However, instead of fire alarm devices, the doors are being monitored. A typical application is an Assisted Living facility

The DG-Series annunciator can be a slave to your access control equipment, or can monitor door contacts directly. LED has circuit boards that will monitor N.O. or N.C. contacts and will latch or follow those contacts as desired. Included is subsequent audible alarm with a momentary silence switch.

DS Series

DS Series

The DS-Series is similar in size and appearance to our DA-Series annunciators. Just like the DA, the DS is offered in sizes ranging from 5 to 20 windows.

Unlike the DA-series, the DS-series is suitable for use as an inexpensive door status panel. This unit is for N.O. circuits only and the inputs are non-latching. The monitored door contact must be open when the door is closed. The contact must close to initiate an alarm when the door has been opened. A door violated alarm is indicated by a red LED lighting behind the respective zone label.