AquaAlert® 7000 Series Liquid Level Detection Switch


The proper maintenance of fluid levels can be critical for normal operations in a variety of facilities, such as lift stations, sumps, or sewage pumps. The 7000 Series Liquid Level Detection Switch is perfect for such facilities!

This switch is made from solid foam, making it superior to most hollow float switches in both reliability and durability. Being made of foam also allows for this switch to be used in areas where magnetic particles are present and not be hindered by them.  The 7000 Series is also compact and can be mounted in areas with limited space. Comes in +/- 5° and +/-12.5° versions.

    • Float Size: 1.187″ x 1.688″
    • Power: 110 vac
    • Load: 1 amp
    • Cable: 4′
    • Contact Closure: NO or NC