AquaAlert® Liquid Level Detection Tether Switch


•The 7000 series is designed for liquids with debris, limited mounting space, and wide differential applications.
• Solid foam construction offers dependability and maximum reliability not found with hollow floats.
• Excellent in liquids where magnetic particles jam a standard float switch.
• Compact size allows placement where large mercury switches cannot fit.
• The sealed mercury switch monitors changes in float position, providing a control signal output to computers or industrial loads.
• Universally controls lift stations, sump, and sewage pumps.


• Liquid tight cord grips adaptable for top or side mounting.
• Various switch options include on-off differential and currents.
• Longer electrical wires are available to make installation easier.
• S.P.D.T. switches.
• Solid state pump control relays, annunciators, and indicator light packages available.
• Cable materials of neoprene, nylon and polyurathane.

7000 Series Options