DS Series

DS Series

General Description

The DS Series is similar in size and appearance to our DA Series annunciators, being offered in sizes ranging from 5 to 20 windows.

Unlike the DA Series, the DS Series is suitable for use as an inexpensive door status panel. This unit is for N.O. circuits only and the inputs are non-latching. The monitored door contact must be open when the door is closed. The contact must close to initiate an alarm when the door has been opened. A door violated alarm is indicated by a red LED lighting behind the respective zone label.

Order of Operations

When the door is violated (opened) the door contact closes, the respective red LED lights and the built-in audible alarm sounds.

Push the momentary action pushbutton switch to silence the audible. The door violated LED will remain lit until the door is closed.

When the monitored door is closed, the red LED turns off. The audible alarm is ready to sound again should another door be opened.

Technical Specifications

The DS Series Annunciator operates at 12 or 24 vdc, 500 ma. max. Unit is intended for use in dry/indoor locations. Operating temperature: 32 – 100 degrees (0 – 38 C). Unit can run off of battery backup systems of 12 or 24 vdc.


  1. Unit requires a pair of wires from each monitored contact as per the diagram above. Wiring shown is typical for all inputs.
  2. Close contact to sound alarm and light the associated LED.
  3. The DS Series does NOT provide latching inputs, thus when the field contact is restored to normal (open) condition, the unit will automatically reset.
  4. The unit does NOT feature subsequent alarm. Once silenced it will remain silenced until the field contact(s) have been restored to their open condition. When the contact(s) are restored, the unit is ready to sound the next alarm.

Wiring Diagram

DS Series Technical Map