Having the proper fire system accessories can be critical to the safety of personnel in the building as well as those called into an emergency. They allow first responders to take out the guesswork and take all the steps to remain safe themselves while working to resolve the issue.

Our fire system accessories help with safety when seconds count. Warning systems and reporting systems allow firemen to look at the current situation and quickly assess the options or look at the historical events and suggest a plan going forward.

LCD 240

The LCD-240 model uses a backlighted display for use on fire alarm printer ports. The system had variable configurations to operate on RS-232 or RS-485 outputs.

The system features a scroll button so users can view previous messages.

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TA Series – Digital Countdown Timer

The TA-123 is a built-in spring-loaded dead-man switch with a red mushroom abort button. It is intended to be installed in a graphic annunciatior panel or other such type of enclosure. The panel operated ABORT can be used to reset or halt the timer.

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HVAC & Elevator Warning

The Emergency Disconnect Switch allows you to manually disable the HVAC system. This is an easy 2-position maintained aircraft style toggle switch on a single gang plate.

The “Do Not Use Elevator” plate provides an effective warning to firefighters NOT to use the elevators whether they have a bypass key or not. A small red lamp installed into a metal plate provides both visual and written warning.

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Bi-Directional Ampliphers (BDAs) are becoming more and more common place in large buildings. They provide much needed boosting to first responders ability to communicate within buildings.

Recently, the NFPA has changed its rules on the need for both BDAs and annunciators showing their status. Light Engineered Displays has developed a panel to fulfill these needs. We offer both standard and custom options to fit your needs.

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