Petrolium Sensing Cable

General Description

The AMC-5016 and 5016A Petroleum Sensing Cables detect leaks of petroleum based liquids along the full length of the cable. Pliable mate- rial broadens coverage for use in and around storage tanks, piping, sumps, dispensers, monitoring wells, etc… This petroleum sensing cable, made with the tougher 1932TC element, is available in standard lengths or custom lengths for each installation. The 5016A features a faster reaction to various petroleum products

The active message is indicated by illuminating the words from behind using LED light bars of the required color. This low current, long-life light source provides years of dependable service. The SP-2B MNS typically operates at 24 vdc – 120 ma. – max.

The standard SP-2B MNS model features two messages: “ANNOUNCEMENT” and “EVACUATE” as shown above. The SP-4B MNS features four messages in any custom configuration.

If you need messages on a larger, more customizable scale, please refer to the LEDArray and MegaDot MNS products.


  • Detectable Liquids
    Gasoline, diesel, waste oil and petroleum products
  • Sensor
    A fully reversible, liquid hydrocarbon sensitive element (Shown with sealed end). Certified intrinsically safe. Circuit: Normally closed
  • Size
    1.6” (41mm) L x 1” (25mm) W x 0.38” (96mm) Thick
  • Repeatability
    Excellent, even after repeated immersions
  • InstallationWiring
    Intrinsically safe, two conductor shielded cable
  • Operation Temperatures
    -40 to +60 oC (-40 to +140 oF)
  • Sensor Life Expectancy
    Five years
  • Warranty
    One year (limited warranty)

Response Time

  • ResponseTimes
    Depends on operating conditions and temperature
  • AMC-5016
    Naphtha/Heptane: Under 30 seconds Gasoline: Under 5 minutes
    Diesel: Under 15 minutes
    Waste Oil: Depends on mixture
  • AMC-5016
    Naphtha/Heptane: Under 5 seconds
    Gasoline: Under 1 minute
    Diesel: Under 9 minutes
    Waste Oil: Depends on mixture