Fuel Leak Control Panel

General Description

The AMC-5107 offers all of the features you need for your basic leak and level detection applications. It works with all of the standard 5000 series liquid sensors and F4000 vapor sensor.

The AMC-5107 is suitable for large or small scale tank and piping installations, for secondary containment and interstitial monitoring, and for fuel oil storage or bulk water tanks. Wherever the possibility of leaking petroleum liquid, vapor or water can occur, and for level monitoring, trust the AMC-5107 for worry-free performance.


  • Easy to wire
  • Can be powered from 12VDC or 10VAC
  • Level monitoring, leak detection
  • Multiple sensor input capability
  • Programmable internal relay
  • 6 liquid zones, Intrinsically Safe
  • 1 vapor zone, non I-S
  • Two stage self-test
  • Relay (dry contacts) can be set normally energized. Rated 5A @ 250VAC/30VDC
  • Specific channels can be tied to relay
  • Front panel label for sensor locations
  • Alarm acknowledge (as on AMC-5100)
  • Acknowledged audio alarm will reactivate after a 2-hour delay


  • Affordable, low priced
  • Reduces insurance coverage
  • Very effective for small installations  Capable of a wide variety of applications
  • No documentation needed to find sensor location
  • Will reset on power failure conditions  Only have specific channels trigger relay for selective alarming ability (i.e. Shut down on petroleum leak, not on water).