Dual Liquid Sensors

General Description

The AMC-5002B Dual Liquid Sensor detects and distinguishes leaks of water and petroleum-based liquids at a single location. The unique design allows flexibility of installation and quick alarm response once in contact with liquid; it also responds faster to diesel.


  • Detectable Liquids
    Water, gasoline, diesel, waste oil and petroleum products
  • Sensor
    Immersion probe consisting of conductivity electrodes and a fully reversible, liquid hydrocarbon sensitive element(discriminates between water and hydrocarbons). Certified intrinsically safe.
    WATER circuit: Normally open
    PETROLEUM circuit: Normally closed
  • Size
    1.6” (41mm) L x 1” (25mm) W x 0.38” (96mm) Thick
  • ResponseTime
    Depends on operating conditions and temperature
    Water: Instantaneous
    Gasoline: Under 3 Minutes
    Diesel: Under 1.5 minutes
    Waste Oil: Depends on mixture ratio
  • Repeatability
    Excellent, even after repeated immersions
  • InstallationWiring
    Intrinsically safe, four conductor shielded cable
  • OperationTemperatures
  • OperationTemperatures
    Water: 0oC to 50oC (32oF to 122oF)
    Petroleum: -40oC to 50oC (-40oF to 122oF)

More Information

  •  Sensor Life Expectancy
    Five years
  • Warranty
    One year (limited warranty)