DOT Matrix

General Description

The PR-125 Printer provides an additional means of obtaining a permanent record of the fire control system’s Alarm and Trouble events. The model PR-125 is an impact dot matrix printer. It features a 9-pin head that prints up to 240 CPS. The narrow cartridge includes a push/pull tractor and a “0” form tear off. Parameters for form length, character pitch, fonts and spacing are easily selected by pressing the corresponding switches on the front panel. This printer can be used in a wide variety of applications. The PR-125 can be set up to operate from the parallel data, serial data, or MA. loop input. The required interface for your application is installed at the factory. The unit is shipped with cables and instructions, ready to operate.

NOTE: The PR-125 Printer can NOT be used with the Cerberus XL-3 fire control panel unless:
A. The printer loop supervision feature is disabled, OR;
B. Use the model LI-125 interface to provide the proper printer control commands.

For additional technical data, please refer to the operations manual.

For other applications and information concerning cables, restrictions, or peripheral devices such as modems
and loop converters, please consult factory.


• PR-125PD Printer – Standard
• PR-125PD/WC – Wide Carraiage

Compatible Systems

• Cerberus XL-3 – With Interface
• Cerberus MXL
• KIDDE Pega System
• Fenwall Net 2000
• Fire-Lite MS 9200
• Consult factory about compatability with other systems